According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the state of Idaho has reported a deficit of 24,295 affordable and available homes in 2020.

As one of the largest groups of excess land owners, the church has the opportunity to solve the affordable housing crisis. If your church has underutilized land, buildings, or resources this could be a great opportunity to transform it into something that will impact generations of families to come in the Treasure Valley.

LEAP, a nonprofit organization, will provide the technical expertise needed to work with your church to provide professional services as developer, manager, and resident services coordinator of the project. Our goal is that the upfront project cost for your church would be $0.

Learn about how your church can transform your community into a place of hope, connection, and secure housing. Hear from a panel of church leaders who are actively working to solve the housing crisis, including:

  • Kat Tigerman & Karen Hunter - The House Next Door/Grace Episcopal Church
  • Joe Bankard - Collister United Methodist Boise
  • Meggan Manlove - Trinity Lutheran Nampa

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