Resident Owned Communities (ROC)

LEAP is now the Idaho affiliate of the national organization ROC USA. 

A ROC (Resident Owned Community) is a neighborhood of mobile homes where the land is owned by the residents through a co-op. Residents participate in the ROC USA model to buy the land from the existing owner. Residents continue to own their own homes individually and an equal share of the land beneath the entire neighborhood. ROC provides the financing and expertise to assist residents to share a mortgage as a community.

Residents vote on a board of directors (similar to an HOA) to oversee the operation of the community. Everything is decided through democratic vote, giving residents the ability to have decision making power on rent amount, beautification and landscaping efforts, infrastructure improvements, and more.

ROC communities also benefit from:

  • Increased housing stability
  • Decision making power
  • Dignity of ownership
  • Predictable monthly housing payments
  • Infrastructure improvements (water/sewer, roads, utilities)
  • Landscaping, maintenance, and beautification
  • Community clean-up days
  • Home improvements efforts
  • Community building

ROC USA® has been successfully converting mobile home communities for 10 years. Today, ROC USA and its 10 non-profit affiliates work with more than 250 resident-owned communities in 21 states coast to coast. Other ROC affiliates include NeighborWorks Montana and Casa of Oregon. 

LEAP ROC will focus on southern Idaho where 82% of Idaho’s mobile home parks are located. Southern Idaho has 168 mobile home communities that consist of 9,361 units.

LEAP ROC assisted a community in Caldwell to become the very first resident owned community in Idaho!