Yes, You Can Buy a Home

The Yes You Can Homeownership Program is the first of its kind in the Boise area. We took the traditional approach to buying a home, and we turned it on its head – the entire process. This free service makes buying a home a patient, clear and empowering process for the buyer.

Who needs a patient, clear and empowering process? We would argue everyone whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a repeat homebuyer! The traditional real estate market just isn’t set up to provide that extra ounce of service and attention that all of us want. We are. This program provides culturally savvy staff and the only realtor in the valley who specializes in serving first time and low-income home buyers.

Thank you to the organizations who make it possible for Yes You Can to empower Treasure Valley homebuyers:

Listen to the stories of two Yes You Can homeowners.

Yes You Can homebuyers come from all walks of life. Some are ready to go, and their only obstacle is knowledge, fear or indecision.  Others might have a lot of barriers like income constraints, low credit scores or language limitations. It’s all normal to us, and we’re equipped to walk with any homebuyer at the speed that is right for them. We're here to help.

Barriers to homeownership are normal. Schedule an appointment today.

Are you a first-time homebuyer? We can help.

You deserve a clear path to buying a home in a low-pressure and empowering setting. That’s why we have created an eight-step process to coach you along the way. We equip you with the right partners at every step, too, so you are never alone and always encouraged to ask questions.

First-time homebuyers can sometimes think buying a home is impossible. With real estate jargon, legal contracts and nuanced conversations about loans, it is confusing. By mentoring you in a patient and caring way, we make the process simple. Set up an appointment, and get started today!

No English, No Problem.

House, maison, casa, منزل, nyumbani. Whatever word you use to describe your home, we’re here to help. The Yes You Can program is ready to help any person from any country buy a home. We have helped Swahili, French, Arabic and Spanish speakers navigate the home buying process from start to finish.

More than half of our clients are originally from other countries. For us, language barriers are normal. We are predictable. You will know exactly what step to take. We will coach you. We know how to serve you. Meet with us today.

Credit problems? Lets fix it.

There’s no way around it. Credit scores and income are two of the biggest barriers to homeownership. Some people think their scores or income are too low. They may be right. But, the good news is this: You can repair your credit, and you may need less money than you think to buy a home.

Depending on your credit score, Yes You Can will refer you to agencies that can help you repair your credit in order to qualify for a loan from one of our partners. A little online research and a little support from our coaches, however, can sometimes be enough to get your credit score where it needs to be. We have seen some clients improve their credit score just by doing simple things. Contact us, and let's get started.

Do you think money will prevent you? Lets talk.

When you work with the Yes You Can program, you’ll get familiar with our famous Two-Two-Twos. Let us translate that for you. You’ll need two months of paystubs, two months of bank statements and two years of tax returns in order to qualify for a loan with one of our partners in most cases. Two-Two-Twos tell us if you are likely to qualify for a mortgage from one of our partner agencies.

We empower all clients with the knowledge to chart their own course to homeownership. Sometimes, that means they need to pause. Lucky for you, you can know some of those non-starters right now. We will work with you to overcome these barriers, and achieve your dream of homeownership -- sign up for an appointment today.

What Makes Yes You Can Different?

  • An individualized, step-by-step plan
  • You go at the speed that is right for you and your circumstances. 
  • You use our educational tools created by adult education specialists. 
  • You connect with a team of social workers to help you navigate any barrier. 
  • You access trusted Yes You Can program partners including real estate agents and lenders.
  • Connection to credit counseling, debt reductions services, homebuyer education, and down payment assistance programs
  • Language interpretation at education classes, lender meetings, etc.
  • Experienced staff with 20+ years experience in social service navigation and specialize in locating quality, affordable homes
  • Moving boxes, rental truck and volunteers for a stress-free move

There are many questions regarding the homebuying process, and they are all normal questions. The good news is that half of our program is designed to help you answer those questions by equipping you with tools, resources and support.

Send an email to our team, and we can go through any questions you may have about purchasing a home through Yes You Can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How many people have become new homeowners?

Since the first year of the YYC program, we helped over 40 families purchase their dream home.

I think I might qualify for this program, how do I know for sure?

The best way to find out if you work for this program is to ask yourself any of the following questions “What does my credit look like?”, “How much does it cost to buy a home?”, “Is purchasing a home even possible?” If you do not know the answer to any of the questions, come in and talk to us.

What is Yes You Can?

Yes You Can is a mentorship-style home purchase program for those facing barriers to homeownership

Who can I contact? What is their role?

To learn more about the program, contact Terry Graves, community resource navigator.

Phone: 208-695-8063


How long does it take a client to purchase a home?

The amount of time it takes for a client to purchase a home varies on the individual circumstance.

Is there any cost to participate?

No. Except for the homebuyer education.

Do I have to use your realtor?

Yes. Our realtor, Nate Walsh, is with you every step of the way. He is the best equipped to help you find your dream home.

Can I use my own lender?

You are welcome to use your own lender, but we recommend the partners that we have built relationships with.

Do you provide interpreters?

We work with interpreters. We work with social service agencies. We work with other programs that serve immigrants, former refugees, asylum seekers and new Americans.

How do I apply?

To schedule an intake meeting, fill out this form.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers are always welcome on moving days! Fill out this form if you are interested!

Yes You Can is a real estate educational and social service program that connects clients with licensed realtors and lending houses. Yes You Can is not a brokerage or lending agency. Yes You Can has strong relationships with vetted real estate agents and lending agencies that have helped dozens of our clients.