Windy Court 2

Windy Court 2 is a four-home affordable housing community of four-bedroom, two-bathroom units. Per federally mandated rent limits, two units will rent at $864/mo and two at $1,067/mo, including water, sewer, trash and power. Each comes with a microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher and washer/dryer. Each unit also comes with two dedicated parking spaces, one that is covered. A playground and garden boxes are included in the community.

Let KaDee tell you how Windy Court 1 has changed her life.

Your gift will alter the course of other families' lives who make less than 50% percent of area median income.

Donate today and help us raise $5,000 to make Windy Court 2 happen.

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LEAP is a certified Housing Development Organization and a non-profit organization. We are one of few organizations in Idaho who are building affordable housing, and the only one that is a true non-profit.
Meet our team of stewards who make housing happen. Learn how we created Windy Court 1 last year.

Leaving a Legacy like Cay and Ron.

People want to give and make sure their gift has the biggest possible outcome. Affordable housing lets you do that, because a house lasts for decades. Cay and Ron did exactly that when they donated land to make affordable housing a reality for, literally, generations of people. To give land or refer us to someone who may want to give land, email


Here's the Inside Scoop on Windy Court 2

With the financial help of the National Housing Trust Fund and the Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA), LEAP is expanding upon our first community of four new affordable homes in NW Boise on land donated by a local Boisean.

We are now nearing the completion of our second affordable housing development project, Windy Court 2. This is an expansion of LEAP’s first development, Idaho’s first affordable housing community built of upcycled shipping containers that opened in the summer of 2019. Windy Court 1 was featured on KTVB when residents began to move in.

Windy Court 2 is nearly identical to the first project, with plans for the overall Windy Court development to be a community of 8 affordable single-family residences. The community will have the same landscaping, home design, and will serve our neighbors who earn 50% & 30% average median income (AMI). The homes are specifically for serving our most vulnerable neighbors. All four units are on site, with indieDwell planning on handing the keys over before the end of April. Our next focus is on sculpting a beautiful, walkable landscape that will qualify as a wildlife habitat.

About the Community:

We partnered with local builder, indieDwell who creates the most energy efficient and modern homes possible. indieDwell converts shipping containers into highly insulated, and eco-friendly homes. Donated solar panels give each home a zero net energy consumption. The community will also become a certified wildlife habitat.

A Bird’s-Eye view of the Windy Court 1 community

I. About the Homes

  • 960 square feet
  • 4 bedroom, 2 bath
  • 2 parking spots
  • ADA visitable
  • Modern, sustainable units
  • Solar panels

II. About the Outdoor Amenities

  • Xeriscape landscaping with native Idaho plants
  • Certified wildlife habitat
  • Community garden boxes
  • Perimeter walking path
  • Shaded outdoor community area
  • Community playground
  • Proximity to community amenities


Resident Testimonial:

“Without the generosity and dream of this affordable housing, I would be lost. Not only is our housing community great, but we are inside the most wonderful school district and close to many shops that I visit on a daily basis. LEAP has literally saved my life by creating such a wonderful place to live.”