Short Notice Involvement Opportunities

Are you somebody who loves to work with people directly when you volunteer? If so, we have four opportunities that will fit you well. All of the activities are on a needs basis, and are not usually scheduled more than a month in advance.

  • Welcome Housing orientation: We usually receive a two week notice from the refugee resettlement agencies that a family will be arriving in one of our Welcome Housing units. Volunteers will give an orientation explaining use of unfamiliar appliances and other safety details of the unit within the first 24-48 hours of move-in. General information about how the stove works, refrigerator, etc. (Some Training Required)
  • Simply becoming friends with our Welcome Housing families: A great opportunity for individuals or families. You will get introduced to a family who are guests in Welcome Housing. After our guests leave the program, you’ll have a continuing relationship with a recently resettled family, having play-dates for the children, have dinner together, etc.
  • Behind the scenes in Welcome Housing hospitality: Help clean and restock the units when there is turnover, contact maintenance when there are issues, and inspect. Upkeep of the units is vital for continuing and maintaining the dignity of our units.
  • Moving in a Yes You Can client: We get roughly a weeks notice when a Yes You Can client closes on their newly purchased home and will need volunteers to help move in. Teams of 3-5 people are great for this activity. LEAP rents the uHaul truck and a dolley, and moves typically take two hours with a team of three volunteer movers.

If you are interested, please fill out a LEAP Involvement Form.