Resident Services

Resident Services exists to bring greater stability for vulnerable households in the Treasure Valley by building community connections and increasing access to supportive resources.

Why do we need Resident Services?

LEAP’s Resident Services program recognizes that providing affordable housing isn’t the only form of support residents may need. Although housing is a part of a bigger solution, many residents display a need for housing solutions coupled with supportive services to maintain it. Resident Services operates as a resource network and supports the resident according to their specific needs. The resources and services provided are intentionally designed to increase housing stability, promote self-sufficiency, and enhance the overall quality of life for the resident.

Our Values





We believe all residents have the creative capacity to improve their lives despite the impressive obstacles many of us face. We provide optional tools and relationships that residents can use to better navigate these obstacles.

By connecting residents to services and fostering a community that cares for one another, residents  have the opportunity to experience greater independence and an improved quality of life.

By increasing opportunities to learn through resource knowledge and relevant classes, we know our residents will be better equipped for success.

Greater housing stability leads to greater outcomes in all aspects of life.

Services we Help Provide

Benefits Assistance

Child Care and After School Programs

Computer Literacy

Credit Counseling and Financial Literacy

Eviction Prevention

English as a Second Language

Household Budget Training

Homebuyer Counseling

Job Development

Mental Health Services

Rent/Utility Assistance

Substance Abuse


If you are interested in empowering those in your community, donate today!


Are you ready to serve? We have many opportunities to volunteer! Help us prepare welcome baskets, make food for community events, or teach a training course if you have special skills our residents could benefit from!


We invite you, your business, or organizations to partner with resident services in providing educational training, classes, or other types of assistance.

Contact Us

Brittany Zanders

(515) 450-4153

Olyvia Bibb

(208) 949-8482