Ongoing Involvement Opportunities

If you are an individual/group who wants to join the affordable housing revolution AND be part of a team making big things happen, this is the type of involvement for you. Specifically, here are three ways you can help join our team on an ongoing volunteer basis.

  • Community Advancement: The only way this revolution can transform all of Boise, is if we are in all of Boise. We need individuals to advocate for affordable housing throughout the Treasure Valley. If you know of a business, organization or group that needs to hear from LEAP about our various housing solutions, we want to meet them too.
  • Church Networking: If there is one entity in the Treasure Valley or the country to solve the housing crisis, you would be hard pressed to find one. We find that churches want to play a critical role in the greatest social and civic issues facing the Treasure Valley. Clearly, affordable housing is on the top of that list. We actively help churches leverage their vacant or lowly utilized lots (both very small and very large) for the purpose of affordable housing development. 
  • Donate Land: Affordable housing is difficult to accomplish if the land beneath it is expensive. Donated land keep costs lower and as a result causes development to be more affordable to purchase or rent. We work with individuals and groups leverage their properties into affordable housing.

If you are interested, please fill out a LEAP Involvement Form.