Yes You Can Community Update

The Yes You Can team – Nate Walsh and Terry Graves – are innovating the approach used to increase housing stability among Yes You Can clients and  homeowners. We are working diligently from our homes to make a difference.

Nate is still showing homes and making connections with lenders using best social distancing practices. Terry is working from home using video chat, texting, email and phoning clients to serve in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines stated by the CDC.

Our primary focus the past 10 days has been outreach to our YYC Homeowners and Participants. Homeowners have all received information about the CARES program. Borrowers with federally backed mortgages are eligible for mortgage forbearance under Section 4022 of the CARES Act. For homeowners, find more information at LEAP’s Mortgage Assistance Resources Blog Post.

Individuals with single-family mortgages may write to their mortgage servicer requesting forbearance for 180 days due to COVID-19-related difficulties. In such a case, no additional fees, penalties, or interest outside of normally scheduled terms may be levied on the borrower.

The services may extend the period for an additional 180 days at the borrower’s request. The borrower may also request the initial or extended period be shortened. The mortgage servicer may not require any additional documentation of distress outside of the original claim of the borrower.

Homeowners who do not have a federally backed mortgage were given information about contacting their mortgage lender to ask for forbearance if the COVID-19 crisis has caused them to lose their jobs or have had a reduction in hours.

For participants who have not yet purchased their home, information was sent regarding the Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program which extends benefits to those who are self employed or are Contract Workers.

Many of our participants are New Americans who may not be aware that Unemployment Assistance could be available to them at this time. The Yes You Can team wants to make sure that they can take care of themselves and their families during this difficult time. Visit the Yes You Can page for more information.

If you need us, please call or text Nate at 208-488-5792 or email him at

You can reach Terry by phone or text at 208-695-8063 or email her at

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