Thank You for the Strong Avenues for Hope Kick-Off!

What a start! In just our first four days of the Avenues for Hope 2020 campaign, 38 donors gave $8,275 and we qualified for 3 prizes!

Through the ups and downs of 2020, you have resoundingly answered our invitations to support housing affordability in Idaho.  The hot start in Avenues for Hope once again shows us that.

The LEAP family never fails to show their generosity and support of the work we are doing as a community.

The success stories of 2020 -- completing Windy Court, converting the first manufactured home park in Garden City, the kick-off of our first community that will be available for homeownership at Caritas Commons -- just to name a few, could not have happened without all of you.

As crazy as 2020 has been, we were able to continue fulfilling our mission with your help. From donors, partners and volunteers, together we were able to create something larger than ourselves.

As we look ahead to 2021, we will continue to build upon our successes. That’s why Avenues for Hope is so important.

The funds we raise during Avenues for Hope help us get through the first quarter of the following year. This year, each gift will contribute to our plan to build at least 14 homes that will be affordable to Boiseans for generations to come.

Avenues for Hope provides matching funds and prizes to participating housing non-profits like LEAP, with online gifts of $25 or more qualifying towards eligible prizes and matches for LEAP.

Right now, we have over $10,000 in a matching fund waiting to double your donation to LEAP! Don’t miss your chance to use the matching fund and qualify LEAP for prizes.

Before the end of the year, you can give to LEAP Housing Solutions and get your gift matched at:

Let’s build hope, together.

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