Rental Assistance Resources Available to You

While LEAP Housing Solutions does not currently provide direct rental assistance, we want to highlight partner organizations who do provide this service. Rental assistance is usually only available if the family can pay the next month. 

Our Path Home is the best contact and hub for rental assistance in the area. For emergency shelter and rental housing, please contact Our Path Home: 208-495-4240. Other resources are listed below:

IHFA: Rental Assistance

El Ada Community Action Partnership: Other Assistance

CATCH: Rental Assistance

Jesse Tree: Jesse Tree of Idaho

Ada County: Rent and Utility Assistance

Many of the mentioned resources may not provide services to those who already have rental assistance vouchers. For residents who are voucher holders, please contact your Housing Specialist to report a loss of income. 

There has been discussions revolving around a suspension on rent and mortgage payments due to COVID-19, but nothing has been decided yet. We will share with you all in the scenario that this is approved by a state, city or county in Idaho. Do you need additional help? Check out other community resources available during this time HERE.

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