Partner Highlight: International Rescue Committee

LEAP could not do what we do without the many like-minded organizations that exist in Boise. We are fortunate to partner with various nonprofit organizations to help keep individuals and families in the Treasure Valley housed. One of the organizations we work closely with is the International Rescue Committee, otherwise known as The IRC.

The IRC’s mission is to: “help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and regain control of their future” (

One of the ways they accomplish this mission is by setting these families up with an affordable place to live. That’s where LEAP comes in. Our Welcome Housing program gives families the opportunity to stretch their resettlement funds, granting them the precious time needed to find jobs and get settled quickly and smoothly.

LEAP is currently housing three families that have come through the IRC program. Additionally, several families have gone on to work with our Yes You Can team, and have purchased their very first home! We are continually impressed with the way the IRC has set up families for success with their new life in the States, and we strive to further increase stability and the overall livelihoods of our residents, as they continue to adjust to their new life.

One former IRC family and LEAP Welcome Housing Resident was featured on LEAP’s short film titled, “Dignity.” See Jaqueline’s story here.

Visit the IRC website to learn more about all they do!

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