Partner Highlight – CATCH

This week we want to highlight another organization that is making a huge difference for hundreds of families in the Treasure Valley. CATCH helps families with children get back on their feet. By providing housing first, then working with families to address their challenges, CATCH offers a new beginning which leads to self sufficiency in over 80% of participating families. Founded in 2006, CATCH, Inc. brings together regional government, congregations of faith, local businesses, and other charitable organizations for one purpose: housing homeless families.


We have been fortunate enough to help provide stable housing for a few CATCH families in the past couple of years. Many families that we house have completed this program and are now on their way to a better future for themselves and their children.


We are inspired to be working alongside other like-minded organizations that are meeting the needs of families in the Treasure Valley. Many of these families face a multitude of barriers, and a stable home is the foundation for a stable life. Thank you, CATCH, for your partnership and continued service. To learn more about CATCH and what they provide, visit their website at:

One thought on “Partner Highlight – CATCH

  1. My husband and I are $ donors and that will continue. However, what is done to help that fortunate family who is moving into a LEAP home but lack even basic essentials, etc? I donate in-kind items to other nonprofits (e.g. small furniture, household items), but want to know if those types of donations can also help LEAP families.
    Mary & Tim

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