LEAP ROC Making an Impact in the Treasure Valley

A ROC (Resident Owned Community) is a neighborhood of mobile homes where the land is owned by the residents through a co-op. Residents participate in the ROC USA model to buy the land from the existing owner. Residents continue to own their own homes individually and an equal share of the land beneath the entire neighborhood. ROC provides the financing and expertise to assist residents to share a mortgage as a community.

In the four years that Juana Romero lived at Pleasant View Manor in Caldwell, the rent on her lot had risen from $225 to $460 a month. After the park went up for sale, LEAP ROC presented another option, resident ownership. Angela Green, a resident said “It took a while for the majority of residents to get on board. Many of them became interested because it gave them a chance to make improvements, such as repairing aging septic tanks and damaged roads, which are covered with cracks and potholes.” In the end, 29 of the 30 households agreed to take part, paying the one-time $100 membership fee. Jauna said “We were actually going to move because we knew they were going to sell here. I didn’t want my kids to be without a home. Now we are really excited, especially for the new road and all the changes here.” Juana was elected as the park secretary and Angela became the Treasurer. After Pleasant View became the first ROC in Idaho, Angela said “It’s been good. It’s been a learning  experience. I live here but the community also benefits a lot from it because a lot of people are on fixed income in here. I enjoy seeing that ROC is not only doing this community but they’re working on putting together other communities, which is huge in Idaho. There is talent in everybody. So [ROC] will work within any community.” Angela Green said when her family moved in last year, not many of her neighbors would wave at her. Now it’s a common thing. “Everyone is invested now.

Stay tuned for the second ROC Community in Idaho!

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