City of Boise Announces Emergency Rental Assistance Program

As the pandemic continues to impact safe, stable and secure housing, there are new resources for folks to use to ensure they are not displaced from their homes.

The City of Boise announced last week that they received $11.5M from the Federal Government as a result of the most recently passed COVID-19 relief bill. The Mayor and City Council unanimously approved the rental assistance program, which will be available to all residents who are struggling to pay rent or utilities.

Boiseans who are currently renting can apply for grants in order to cover rent, utility bills or energy costs. If you are the owner of a home that you are renting to someone, you are able to apply for the program on behalf of those living in the home.

You can find the City of Boise’s announcement on their website. To apply or learn more about the new program you can contact BCACHA at 208-363-9710 or by visiting their website,

If you or someone you know could benefit from the new resources being provided, please apply for a grant and share this post.If you do not qualify for assistance through this program, contact us at or (208) 391-2823. We will direct you to other local organizations who may be willing to help.

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