Aries Duplex Progress Report

Back in August 2020, we were excited to share with you all that we had begun the construction process on our first homes in Nampa.

Read our August blog on Aries here: “Landmark Zero Energy Ready Affordable Housing Project Underway By indieDwell and LEAP Housing Solutions in Nampa.”

We have made great progress since we shared the news with you. Today, we are happy to announce that we are working on the finishing touches before the duplex’s first residents move in.

It has been a journey for our team to deliver affordable housing in the midst of a pandemic, but we are proud of our housing development team and their continued innovation and patience to see these new homes through the process.

The change from the rendering (photo on the left) to how Aries looks today (photo on the right).

As you see in the pictures above, we needed to make adjustments in our planning and implementation in order to realize the completion of the duplex. We worked with neighbors to create a home that matched the neighboring homes and still deliver the affordable homes that are needed in Nampa.

Along with the supportive citizens of Nampa, the Aries homes were made possible through our partnerships with indieDwell (builders), Idaho Housing and Finance Association (funding) as well as the support of the City of Nampa who encouraged the development of affordable housing in their community.

Creating affordable housing can be complex, but we are lucky to have great relationships with like-minded organizations. As we like to say, solving the affordable housing crisis in the Treasure Valley is a puzzle, and it will take all of us in the community to contribute our individual puzzle pieces so we can realize solutions for the communities we hold dear to our heart.

As we near the completion of Aries, we are always looking for folks out in the community who want to use their puzzle piece, whether that is land, donations or connecting us with folks. If you or someone you know has land available and would like to partner with us to create affordable housing, send us a message at or give us a call at (208) 391-2823.

If you’re not quite sure what puzzle piece you have to offer to make your impact on our community’s housing affordability, send us a message today and let’s chat!


We hope you all are staying safe. Let’s continue to build hope together, no matter the barrier.

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