Yes, You Can Buy a Home

The Yes You Can Homeownership Program is the first of its kind in the Boise area. We took the traditional approach to buying a home, and we turned it on its head – the entire process. We make buying a home a patient, clear and empowering process for the buyer.

Who needs a patient, clear and empowering process? We would argue everyone whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a repeat homebuyer! The traditional real estate market just isn’t set up to provide that extra ounce of service and attention that all of us want. We are.

So what makes Yes You Can different?

  • You go at the speed that is right for you and your circumstances. 
  • You use our educational tools created by adult education specialists. 
  • You connect with a team of social workers to help you navigate any barrier. 
  • You access trusted Yes You Can program partners including real estate agents and lenders. *

Barriers to homeownership are normal. We’re here to help. 

Yes You Can homebuyers come from all walks of life. Some are ready-and-rearing to go, and their only obstacle is knowledge, fear or indecision.  Others might have a lot of barriers like income constraints, low credit scores or language limitations. It’s all normal to us, and we’re equipped to walk with any homebuyer at the speed that is right for them.

*Yes You Can is a real estate educational and social service program that connects clients with licensed realtors and lending houses. Yes You Can is not a brokerage or lending agency. Yes You Can has strong relationships with vetted real estate agents and lending agencies that have helped dozens of our clients.